Pharmaceutic Litho has built a reputation as the standard for quality and service for Pharma Labels since 1964. Today, our secondary packaging services include pharma label print services for various bio-tech industries and medical devices. We are committed to developing and printing innovative materials that make it easier for you to get vital information to your customers.

Sling Labels
Sling Label

Pharma Sling Labels

Pharmaceutical Sling Labels
Sling Plus Booklet
Sling Plus Booklet

Pharma Sling Plus Booklet

Pharmaceutical Sling Plus Booklet
Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal Transfer Label

Pharma Thermal Transfer Labels

Pharmaceutical Thermal Transfer Labels
Carton Labels
Carton Label

Pharma Carton Labels

Pharmaceutical Carton Labels
Bottle Labels
Bottle Labels

Pharma Bottle Labels

Pharmaceutical Bottle Labels
Vial Labels
Vial Labels

Pharma Vial Labels

Pharmaceutical Vial Labels
Bottle & Vial Labels
Bottle & Vial Label

Pharma Bottle & Vial Labels

Pharmaceutical Bottle & Vial Labels
Product Information Labels
Product Information Label

Product Information Labels

Pharma Product Information Labels
Label with Peel-Off
Label with Peel-Off

Pharma Labels Peel-Off

Pharmaceutical Labels Peel-Off
Pharmaceutical Labels
Pharma Labels

Pharma Labels

Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharma Label Print Services


Pharma Litho & Label works to turn your ideas into quality pharma print products that work for you. From fully developed materials on disk to a pile of photos and handwritten copy, our full-service, pre-press department will make your ideas come to life. With the latest in state-of-the-art graphic programs, servers, and computer-to-plate equipment, we are ready to take on your pharma label project.

Flexography For Pharma Labels

Our flexography department boasts highly-trained and experienced staff who are ready for your pharma label needs. The rewinders we operate are equipped with hi-tech vision systems capable of catching the tiniest print anomaly. Our automated comparison inspection system communicates the production information from the press to the rewinder. This gives us complete control of the process and the highest quality assurance. The rewinder essentially acts as a quality assurance station. It detects any anomalies in your pharma labels and stops the rewinder at the anomaly location. The operator can then remove the label or section to ensure you will get a perfect product, even with the tightest of deadlines.

Pharma Label Assurances

High Quality Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharma Litho & Label is committed to quality in every pharma print project. Each time we produce pharma labels, our commitment to quality is at the heart of what we do in each step of the way. We maintain full documentation of your pharma label and base our quality on cGMPs and ISO 9001:2015 standards. A dedicated quality assurance team reviews the first article of each pharma label production process, and every sequential step is scrutinized under quality control checkpoints. We stand behind our product 100%. To further guarantee our customers' satisfaction, Pharma Litho & Label carries Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Pharma Label Security

Pharma Litho and Label Co. is concerned about protecting our clients' pharma label product and proprietary property. Our facilities are access-controlled while highly secured areas have internal access control for added security. All entrances and exits are observed and recorded by closed circuit cameras.