Our business is based 100% in pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. Many of our clients have certified Pharmaceutic Litho & Labal Co. for "dock-to-stock." The reputation we have developed as the preeminent pharmaceutical label printer comes from a tried and tested foundation in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) that work to achieve consistency in all of our print processes.

Then and now.

Since 1928, Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Co. has been an industry-leading pharmaceutical printer. We are committed to developing innovative print methodologies and constantly enhancing the level of our service. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction with our new, and even our loyal, devoted clients. Through hard work and diligent service, we continue to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical print industry as we discover new ways to increase line productivity, versatility, and efficiency.

Looking ahead…

As a company and a team, we continue to grow and expand our secondary packaging services for the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries because we have built on our reputation as the standard for quality and service. We now supply labeling and printing services for medical devices, as well as the bio-tech industry. After acquiring Plymouth Printing in 2014, Pharmaceutic Litho has over 75,000 sq. ft. of productions space, which allows us to be one of the few pharmaceutical printers that can handle any job. The quality of the product and service sets us apart from the rest.

How can we help you?

Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Co has expertise in the full spectrum of pharmaceutical print development and manufacturing services from pre-press design to bindery and security of proprietary property. Ultimately, our goal is to make it easier for clients to get vital information to your customers. We look forward to learning more about your specific needs and having the opportunity to discuss all the ways we can help you accomplish your goals.